How Much Does Document Scanning / Imaging Services Cost?

Our pricing structure for document scanning services is designed for fairness and 
predictability. File 2 Disc will convert your scanned files into PDF or TIFF format 
and return them to you in the form of a CD. Depending on volume, the type and size 
of document to be scanned, pricing can be as low as 5 cents per image. We only 
scan pages that actually have content – we do not scan blank pages. 

In order to provide an accurate estimate, here are a few things we'll need to know 
about the job:

• Total number of pages, best guess? 
• Are all the files in binders or manila folder or mix? 
• What about the condition and the size of the papers. 
• Average number of pages per file? 
• Do the original files need to be reassemble and return 
or Scheduled for shredding later?

If you can provide a clear idea of these metrics, we can usually provide you with a 
pretty accurate price per image.

We can work with you and your company to complete the job all at once or in stages to fit 
your particular budget. 

Scanned files can be printed and emailed from the disc that we send you. 

​​If you ever need a file or document during the scanning process just give us a call and we 
will search and find the desired document, scan and email you directly free of charge.

Because pricing for each document scanning project is different, we encourage you to contact us for a 
quote based on your specific needs. We’ll be happy to provide you with detailed document scanning 
pricing information. 

Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

On-Site Document Scanning Service

File 2 Disc understands that some documents contain sensitive information (resumes, medical records, 
financial information, legal documents, etc.) and can not leave the site. 

We will supply all of the required equipment and an operator to scan your documents at your location, 
all we require is some space to work and electrical connection to operate. 

We offer on-site document scanning services in all Central Florida areas including, Orlando, Daytona 
Beach, Ocala, Tampa, Jacksonville, Lakeland, Gainesville, Melbourne, FL. (contact us for pricing)

Did You Know? 

Turning filing cabinets & storage boxes into digital image that can help:

• Reduce your paper volume and streamline your business
• Help you to never lose a file again
• Improve customer service by retrieving information in seconds
• Lower storage costs and meet disaster recovery goals
• Follow your companies record retention requirements

Digital documents can be easily retrieved and displayed instantly using file and image search inside windows application or adobe acrobat reader to view your PDF image files, which is available to anyone for download free of charge at or you can also upload your files to an online server or access them directly from a External Hard Drive, Flash Drive or CD/DVD.

Hard copy paper documents are fed through scanning devices that incorporate specialized software and hardware to create a digital image that looks exactly like the document.

Our Scanners are high speed document feed scanners that capture information on the front and back side of every sheet of paper.

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Special Scanning Offer!

File 2 Disc will convert your paper documents into electronic documents for just a nickel and image. That's right... 5¢ per image. We'll include everything your documents need for one simple price.

Here's What's Included?

• Box size (10"x12"x15") standard
• Basic document preparation (clips, and staples removed...)
• Converting letter size pages to 300 dpi b&w digital images
• Simple index capture
• Output to TIFF or PDF
• Database file output
• CD-R storage
• 2 storage box minimum 

Offer subject to some restrictions.